Thoughts/Notes #301-525

Thoughts and Notes: Serial Arrangement (301-525)

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Thoughts/Notes #1-300

Thoughts and Notes: Serial Arrangement (1-300)

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Thoughts/Notes #501-525

501.    An interesting interpretation of current events: It seems the purposeful and over-the-top insulting of the Prophet (ﷺ) often done as publicly as possible by some of our enemies in our faces, is a secular adaptation of some Christians’ attempts at intentionally obtaining “martyrdom through persecution” for their beliefs and practices, as seen from the time of Early Christianity onwards. Continue reading

Never underestimate the importance of…

Never underestimate the importance of the community; logical arguments will only show the person what true knowledge is, but they may not be enough to push the person towards following this proper course of action, if the peer group is not aligned with the conclusions he has reached individually. The peer group may even be able to make the individual abandon following through on his conclusions, often in a casual way.

Thoughts/Notes #476-500

476.    An admonishment: We should take a lesson from all people who have strong beliefs- they are relentless in trying to voice their opinions about such beliefs, to let others know about these beliefs, and to change the geopolitical landscape towards the principles they believe in. They do not simply keep it to themselves; in their understanding, they are doing ‘Amr bil Ma’ruf and Nahy ‘anil Munkar’ – enjoining the ‘good’ and forbidding the ‘evil’ (so what is our problem in doing this based on the truth and correct principles which Islam has provided us with?) Continue reading

Thoughts/Notes # 451-475

451.    See how the early Muslims trusted Allah with every single material issue of theirs. But today we have much more money, yet (for example) many look for answers regarding the permissibly of putting their money in (explicitly) usury-bearing accounts. Ok, we know there is the legal aspect, but we should inquire, how come this became a question to begin with? Well, because many might not trust that Allah will provide for then, and have attached themselves so much to the world that they sincerely think they should turn to the doubtful or forbidden matters in order to merely survive.

This is a spiritual problem on another level, it is not merely an evil intention, but a way of fooling one’s self into believing material calamities are about to engulf one, and that ONLY the forbidden and doubtful can be used to avert such “disasters”. Continue reading

Thoughts/Notes # 426-450

426.    In previous eras of Islam, it was the case that everyone, scholars and laymen alike, would memorize the 40 Ahadeeth of an-Nawawi, and this was considered part of their normal education.

427.    An important maxim: “Ma’ani Qabla al-Mabaani”. One should build meaning and have clear purpose before constructing the physical buildings. Continue reading