People talk about secularism and how by contrast, Islam is…

People talk about secularism and how by contrast, Islam is violent in its core: Well, there is nothing in secularism saying that one cannot adopt violent ideologies, or that such ideologies are in themselves rational or irrational. For example, forms of racism, socialism, or capitalism, are extremely violent and would result in true destruction if situations turn out in certain ways. Secularism cannot actually prevent anyone from adopting these as nationwide or international norms, but merely says it will implement whatever peaceful, violent, progressive or regressive systems formally legislated or procedurally dictated.

About this also one has to keep in mind that racism, socialism, capitalism, all these strands under discussion are a-religious ideologies, one can hope that they don’t bring about large-scale violence but again, it is a hope that this will not happen. Thus, the proponents may use secularism to make inroads into people’s minds and the electorate but the result may not necessarily be pluralistic or peaceful, since the end goal may be more important to them than pluralism or peace. For example, the end goal of a just economic society may be so very important to zealous proponents so as to make war in the short term or muzzling of dissenting views acceptable as practical options.