Our job is to call…

Our job is to call people to Islam and pray for Allah to bring them to the truth, this has to be done with love in the heart, or otherwise it will not be a proper job. In fact, we should not harbor a grudge for the ultimate perdition of even those we may initially “hate” (if they expose themselves to be very anti-Islamic or “Islamophobic”). We should deal with wisdom and know when to disengage from a difficult situation, but if through the Mercy of Allah any one of them does express a desire to enter Islam in spite of their previous views, we are obligated to accept their testimony of faith and not have any malicious thoughts about their intentions.

But in addition to this, we also must call to Islam itself, not to a deformed set of beliefs and rulings that we conveniently call “Islam” for the purposes of swaying over people with a false narrative, fearing that otherwise they may become or remain “Islamophobic”. This is not “love” for Islam, this is not “love” for the general populace, this is delusional and it could very well destroy one’s own faith.

So in all cases, proper judgment should be used on a case-by-case basis, but we should ourselves be firm and respect the sanctity of Islam first and foremost. If we have a deficiency in this, then frankly we should fix ourselves first and engage in Da’wah later on.