A thing to consider: Why…

A thing to consider: Why is it that children from a small age are made to learn civic history and patriotism, even though they definitely do not understand the underpinnings of the nation they are a citizen of, plus they don’t even have basic comprehension skills to grasp what they are memorizing of the “achievements” of their nation-state’s founding predecessors?

The reason such a path is followed is that at the end, the society needs order and compliance, this is why. And this is also why those who complain about Muslim parents teaching their children to be Muslims miss a very important point about passing essential principles and beliefs from generation to generation. If the principles are essential and important enough, every effort will be made to inculcate such beliefs and values from an early age, not wait until the person is 25 or 30 and then wait to see what happens.

(As an aside, in this context a “child” is not only the 7 or 8 year old, but even when he is 14, 15, sometimes even up to 40 and 50 years of age or until death, he remains a “child” in this regard, unable to critically analyze the underpinnings of his citizenship/nation-state).