Important point we come across:…

Important point we come across: Majority of the Muslims today are descendants from those who converted between the period of 1300-1900 C.E., that is, long after the initial Khulafaa and the first dynasties of Muslims. This also, at a time when people on the outside might have thought that Islam was on the decline or even that its days were numbered.

From this what I can see, is that the scholars and laity of Islam in that era had the confidence to expand Islam as a way of life that gave pride to the one who adopted it – rather than being so timid and extra-defensive about everything connected to Islam. This is a very important point to carry over into our times, since it is inevitable that many non-Muslims will dislike Islam and attack it through different means, but it is us who should have the courage, the knowledge and the fortitude to present Islam positively and confidently, and with the help of Allah, we will see great things happen even in the midst of the difficult times we are going through.