We often hear that women…

We often hear that women have not had a proper influence in the development of Islam; but we should consider that the Deen at a fundamental level is transmission of what the Prophet (ﷺ) said and did, and this is irrespective of whether a man or a woman transmitted these matters. And of course, we do not accept the possibility of the Prophet (ﷺ) speaking from his own desires, so what he (ﷺ) said is what Allah the Exalted ordered him to convey.

There is the issue of understanding what the texts mean, and here again one could say women have had a lesser influence, but do consider: This understanding of the texts is also circumscribed by the experts in Islamic reasoning, the Arabic language, etc., and is not a mere field for experimenting or musing how would more people (whether in terms of expanded gender allocations, or geographical allocations, or more socio-economic diversity, etc.) have handled or looked at the matters, or how would they have “changed Islam” or “given fresh reinterpretations of Islam”…one issue being that many modern-day academicians look at Islam as a curiosity upon which to apply an unlimited set of theories, the proper Muslim will never look at it in this manner, since this is salvation we are talking about.