Concerning the secular atheistic ‘morality’,…

Concerning the secular atheistic ‘morality’, many will say that a big fuss is being made about this by us Muslims. In a sense this may be correct and accurate, but then the interlocutor or opponent would have to accept our overarching Islamic cosmology and metaphysics, which includes aspects pertaining to whether morality is known in an ‘Aqli (mental/rational) sense before the Wahy (revelation) and what is the worth of this abstract judgment, and how it is to be approached once the Wahy has been received.

Suffice to say, this would include many points counter to the intuitive conception of individual rights, etc. in the prevalent world-order. This may be why many discussions remain at the mid-level concerning ‘morality’, since one side or both are unable or unwilling to pursue the more abstract considerations.